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It’s time to pass sensible gun laws

My heart sank the day I learned my 5-year-old went through her first active shooter drill in her preschool. Why is this the new normal in our society? Has any of the debate brought about sweeping change since Columbine, Sandy Hook or Parkland? Why do we argue or scratch our heads versus taking action? And by action, I don’t mean DOE Secretary Devos’ proposal to arm our teachers. Can you imagine yourself in elementary school again, sitting at your desk and seeing that your teacher carries a gun? My child is distracted enough without having the worry of guns in the classroom. Her teacher is focused on educating children to be tomorrow’s good citizens, thoughtful leaders and creative innovators. Even the nation’s two largest organizations of education professionals, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, oppose allowing guns in schools.

I encourage our community to take action and vote for lawmakers who support sensible gun laws. With sensible gun laws we can begin the process of reducing preventable gun violence – from preventing a possible mass shooting to a child’s too easy access to unsecured guns.

I have no problem with U.S. citizens owning firearms, as it is our right. That said, background checks for all firearm sales and the red-flag law will not inhibit law abiding gun owners. Concealed carry reciprocity will only make our community more dangerous for the average citizen. If these laws stop one person from accessing a gun illegally, it may be my loved one, or your loved one who is saved.

This November, please vote for candidates who support advancing gun sense laws. Now is the time to take the next step and move this complex issue into action.

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