‘Jeannie’ plot line retains its relevance

I saw in the news the other day that Bill Daily, one of the actors from the television series “I Dream of Jeannie,” had died at age 91. I grew up watching that television series and I remember its plot, and premise, and it struck me how relevant that story remains.

The premise of the television series “I Dream of Jeannie” was that an astronaut in the United States Air Force, named Major Nelson, had somehow discovered a bottle that  contained a genie — a genie with magical powers. Now, the military does not believe in magic, or genies, and you had better not believe in magic if you are a major intent on remaining an astronaut.

So, each episode involved the genie doing something magical and then Major Nelson had to invent a socially acceptable excuse to explain away that magical event.

How applicable that plotline is to us today!

Instead of Major Nelson substitute Brett Kavanaugh, and instead of “magic” say “political opinion.”

Instead of Major Nelson substitute White House Administration Officials, and instead of “magic” say “documented quotes in Bob Woodward’s book.”

But let’s direct that same exercise inward.

Instead of Major Nelson substitute “I.”  And now try to discern that which each one of us is unwilling to acknowledge. Feelings. Fears. Shame. Anger. We all have some Jeannie we are trying to keep in the bottle. But one thing I learned from Bill Daily, Larry Hagman and Barbra Eden is that you can never keep the Jeannie bottled up forever.

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