Incumbents should denounce distorted and false ads against their opponents

I understand that trolls, Russians and disgusting people are able to produce and publicize scurrilous, factually distorted or completely wrong TV ads against candidates they wish to defeat. This phenomenon is especially active when one or both principal political parties have very little significant helpful legislation to help the current campaigns.

But why do current representatives stay silent when this happens? If I were a congressman and my party unleashed such crap against my opponent in the “race,” I would loudly denounce such activity. I guess I value my ethical balance more than kowtowing to the party “leaders” who apparently don’t care how much they debase the people of our nation.

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  1. Submitted by Jon Ruff on 09/27/2018 - 10:46 am.

    I guess the best response may, indeed, be no response at all.
    Dean Phillips adds have, for the most part, seemed to aim to be positive except when he tries to explain his predicament with healthcare in his coffee shop(s). It’s like Brer Rabbit punching the tar-baby in Disney’s now forbidden “Song of the South”. The more he responds the stuckiter he gets.
    The response should be “but Mr Paulson, how many people have you provided health-care for?”.
    An add attacking Rep Lewis that should have included Rep Paulsen was paid for by The Giffords PAC which decried Lewis vote for The Reciprocal Concealed Carry Act, which was a blatant federal gun de-control law, which I found horrifying. Rep Paulson’s vote for that atrocity was reason enough to drive him out of office.

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