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Minnesota should promote renewable resources with incentives

It sounds like the ability of our state leaders to work on climate issues in a results based, bipartisan way is practically nonexistent. Policies and caucuses are getting proposed, but action is not. There should be more promotion of renewable resources through incentive-based legislation.

When policy is made there should no longer be argument to continuing perusing outdated options. The energy caucus doesn’t even unanimously agree with it’s top priority, promoting Walz’s 2050 legislation. In addition, the GOP proposing its own version of the Clean Energy First bill undermines the provisions of the bill, murks up regulation proposals and wastes precious time. Also, I’m sure the CEF bill signers had Line 3 in mind when writing that policy. How would securing a pipeline now help to make Minnesota’s energy grid 100% renewable by 2050? The lack of support for bills already passed, deadline-based proposals and research into clean energy innovation is going to leave Minnesota in the dust on climate change.

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