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Developing wind power saves consumers money

By bringing economic development and added tax base to rural communities, American wind power is a significant economic growth opportunity.

Recovery of wolf populations is far from over

Delisting wolves has allowed Great Lakes states to implement open trophy hunting seasons that encourage the most inhumane methods of hunting.

Preschool for All: childhood’s end

To be funded under the proposal, preschool programs will have to include standards in language and literacy, and math and science.

U.S. spying on citizens: Have we given up on our values?

As a member of Generation X, I’m embarrassed to see my parents’ generation just sit back and accept what is happening in our country in terms of unfettered spying on U.S. citizens.

The remaining wolves deserve complete protection

Nature has provide a system of checks and balances that man has destroyed as a result of overpopulation, overhunting, and the simple pleasure of trophy killing.