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2040 Plan overlooks our environment

Increasing housing density without corresponding due attention to green space, parklands and the needs of wildlife and plants creates an unhealthy environment for people and all living things.

Flier’s attack on Dean Phillips as ‘heartless’ is false

Erik Paulsen attacks again, falsely, might I add. Recently I received a flier telling me that Dean Phillips is “heartless” because when he was “in charge,” 12,000 nurses went on strike when their health insurance was threatened. That is false. Here are the actual facts: The ad is a reference to Phillips’ time on the board […]

Copper mining would destroy the pristine BWCA

Mining will undo all the hard work our government has done to protect this wilderness since it was first referred to as the Superior Roadless Primitive Area (SRPA) in 1938.

It’s time to pass sensible gun laws

My heart sank the day I learned my 5-year-old went through her first active shooter drill in her preschool. Why is this the new normal in our society?

‘Jeannie’ plot line retains its relevance

I saw in the news the other day that Bill Daily, one of the actors from the television series “I Dream of Jeannie,” had died at age 91.

We must keep federal protections for wolves

The DNR’s own 2012 survey showed that 79 percent of Minnesotans do not want wolves hunted or trapped. Our senators desperately need to be reminded of this.

Put patients first; don’t restrict Title X

Title X is the only federal program exclusively dedicated to providing low-income and adolescent patients with access to essential family planning and preventive health services and information.