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Dynamic duos: memorable two-word movie lines

Folks really seemed to like my list of memorable one-word lines of film dialogue so distinctive that you could actually identify the movie.

Folks really seemed to like one of my first weekly lists, the one dealing with memorable one-word lines of film dialogue — a single word so distinctive that you could actually identify the movie.

So, after months of mulling and pondering what creative thing I could do as a follow-up, I decided to break new ground and offer a list of similarly memorable two-word movie lines.

I’m sure there are other worthy two-word contenders, so feel free to contribute your nominees in the Comment section below.

 But first, a treat for film-lovers everywhere: 100 great movies lines packed into just 200 seconds, courtesy of Liquid Generation.

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On to the list:

One movie leads the way with three two-word lines:

“Young Frankenstein,” with “Abby Normal,” “What hump?” and “What knockers!”

Then come two films with two lines each:

“Animal House,” with “Food fight!” and “Toga! Toga!”

“The Wizard of Oz,” with “Toto, too?”  and “I’m melting!”

And then here’s the rest of my nominees in alphabetical order:

“Attica! Attica!” — “Dog Day Afternoon”

“Hello, Gorgeous” — “Funny Girl”

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“Here’s Johnny!” — “The Shining”

 • “Hey, Stella!”  — A Streetcar Named Desire.” Marlon Brando, that former Minnesota schoolboy who attended Shattuck Military Academy, delivers one of the most memorable scenes in film history as Stanley Kowalski.

“It’s Alive!”  — “Frankenstein”

“La-dee-da, la-dee-da.” (at the 1:20 and 5:55 marks) — “Annie Hall”

“My Precious.”“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”

“They’re here.” — “Poltergeist”

 • “Vegas, baby!”“Swingers”

 • “Yeah, Baby” — “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”

• And a Minnesota favorite: “You betcha.” — “Fargo”