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With ‘customized’ songs like these, everything’s dandy with Andy

To celebrate our first grandchild, Andrew, our family has been busy changing the lyrics to a whole bunch of song titles that rhyme with his name.

Andrew Joseph, aka "The Andy Man" and "Andy Boy"
Family photo
Andrew Joseph, aka “The Andy Man” and “Andy Boy”

The pace of life has picked up a lot for our family since late July, when Andrew Joseph joined the Effenberger clan.

He’s our first grandchild, the son of our daughter Amy and her husband, Nate.

Of course, Pat and I think he’s very special, and I can’t wait to indoctrinate another family member with all my “unique” song preferences — from lullabies on through the pop catalog.

Family members already have been “customizing” some familiar musical favorites. It was Amy, I think, who started things off by morphing the title and lyrics of Sammy Davis Jr.’s No. 1 hit — from the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”“The Candy Man,” now officially known (and sung) at our house as “The Andy Man.”

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I have a modest list of others to add to the mix, all easily adaptable because they rhyme with Andy. See what you think.

I’d start with:

• Another “Candy Man,” this one sung by Roy Orbison.

• And then add one other “Man” — Jimmy Jones’ original version of “Handy Man.”

And returning to a “sweet treat,” there’s also:

• The 4 Seasons’ “Candy Girl,” easily changed to “Andy Boy.”

• Plus the Strangeloves, with their rockin’ “I Want Candy” — I mean, Andy.

• The Manhattan Transfer’s smooth “Candy,” too.

And a bunch more:

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• Barry Manilow’s breakthrough No. 1 hit “Mandy.”

• A No. 1 hit from the Looking Glass: “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl),” which also gets a gender change.

• Then, Herman’s Hermits with “Dandy.”

And three very different songs with the same title. In  chronological order, they are:

• Larry Hall’s “Sandy” (1959-60).

• Dion’s “Sandy” (1963).

• And Ronny & the Daytonas’ “Sandy” (1965-66).