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Max About Town

Adieu from Max

This will be my last Max About Town column, although I will likely be doing some writing for the site down the road, as MinnPost’s Hollywood correspondent.

Schmaltz hero: The story of the Hamm’s Beer Bear

The Twin Cities are littered with the Peanuts gang. Starting in 2000, local artists took 101 statues of Snoopy, decorated them with mirrors or splashes of paint, and propped them up throughout town.

‘Out There’: New performance art at the Walker

My first exposure to performance art was in Los Angeles in the early ’90s. I was living in a building called the Nirvana, on Orange and Franklin just around the corner from the Chinese Theater.

Surf, primitivism, and street fighting in local garage rock

The history of Twin Cities garage band music isn’t very well remembered, but, if it is remembered, it’s origins tend to begin with a Christmas holiday: 
In Christmas of 1962, three Minneapolis band members vacationed at Balboa Island, Calif.

Three international holiday traditions for a wilder yule

Have we reached a point when the American Christmas has stopped absorbing new traditions? That seems such a shame to me, as the holiday is, as it stands, already such a delightful gumbo of various international practices.

In praise of comedian Louis C.K.

I respect comedian Louis C.K. for a lot of reasons, and it has increased with the release of a new concert film, as I shall detail.

An obsession with ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

I think it is fair to say that there is no film I have spent more time thinking about than “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s a film I find enormously affecting, and always have, and so will only watch it alone, as I don’t especially wis