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A Week of State Fair Infographics, Day Four: What I Learned at the Fair

There is a lot to be learned at the Minnesota State Fair. Aside from its annual education as to how we go about growing the food we eat, the fairgound is host to a variety of peculiar small museums — my favorite type. I spent the day yesterday peeking in on them, and below you’ll find my infographic of what I learned from them, although there are some facts that cannot be respresented in infographic form.

For instance, I learned that if you put small children in a room with butterflies, the children will soon cover themselves with the butterflies. I also learned that snakes and lizards really don’t do much of anything, sometimes even refusing to move for hours on end. I learned the linotype operators would generally just ignore you if you tapped their shoulders while they were working. Finally, I learned that typesetters used to make hats out of newspaper, just like little children, a habit I think we should bring back and extend to include all newspeople. I’m wearing one now.

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What I Learned at the State Fair.jpg

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