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The 50 best Mayo Clinic doctors. Ever.

While it bears the name of its founders, Mayo’s worldwide reputation is not tied inextricably to them. Instead, it rests upon countless physicians who have worked there over time.

Handheld brain bleed detector gets FDA approval

The scanner spots the presence and location of brain bleeds. Its portable brain diagnostic device called ‘MindReader’ acquires EEG data wirelessly and can be used on an Android phone.

4 people who would be on the Mount Rushmore of med tech

Imagine a Mount Rushmore Medical Device Memorial. Which Americans could replace the iconic figures of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, and provide inspiration for generations to come?

5 companies using big data to solve healthcare problems

Developing the analytics to draw meaningful conclusions out of mountains of healthcare data will become an increasingly important — and lucrative — area for companies in the health IT industry.

Don’t text patient data. But don’t dampen health IT enthusiasm

It’s fine for the Joint Commission to guard against the downside of activities like texting, but health care IT providers and health system leaders would due well on how to harness physician enthusiasm for better ways of working.