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Feds propose new electronic medical records privacy rule

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Adding privacy to EMRs? The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a new rule that would allow people to request a report showing who had viewed their electronic medical records. “We need to protect people’s rights so that they know how their health information has been used or disclosed,” said an HHS official.

Biomarker, disease links often overstated: An analysis of 35 of the most widely cited medical papers on biomarker discovery showed that most of the findings didn’t hold up in larger studies, according to a new study. The implication is that links between biomarkers and certain medical conditions have been overstated, meaning doctors may be prescribing treatments based on false assumptions.

Blood test for depression? San Diego-based Ridge Diagnostics has presented clinical data on a blood test that it says can be used to screen people for depression. The blood test works by looking at 10 different biomarkers within a blood sample.

E. coli scare: Germany is in the midst of a foodborne disease outbreak that has reportedly claimed 16 lives. The problem is a variety of E. coli that produces a toxin that can lead to severe kidney damage.

The stem cell underground: Doctors at top medical centers are concerned about the stem cell underground, in which patients get expensive, untested and unregulated treatments that are promoted as stem cell therapy.

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