AMAG-Allos merger called off from lack of investor support

AMAG-Allos merger called off. AMAG Pharmaceuticals didn’t get enough support from investors for its planned $184.8 acquisition of Allos Therapeutics, maker of the cancer medicine Folotyn. Opposers said AMAG would be overpaying, at $2.44 a share, as announced in July.

More mobile health users. 26 percent of U.S. adults have used their mobile phones to access health information in the past year, which is about double the percentage that reported doing so in 2010, according to Manhattan Research. Nearly one in ten have used their mobile phone to refill prescriptions or remind them of refills.

EHR revenue could reach $6.5 billion next year. A new report from Frost & Sullivan predicts that EHR market revenue will increase sixfold from 2009 to 2012, reaching $6.5 billion due to hospitals upgrading their systems to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Pharmacists stepping out from behind the counter. Walgreens is renovating some of its Midwest stores to take pharmacists away from the phone and closer to the customers. The chain’s new philosophy is that pharmacists should use their knowledge to become more active in the medical care of the customers.

All aboard the ACO train — or not. Despite relaxed guidelines spelled out in the final ACO rule document released last week, some healthcare leaders still don’t think we’ll see a rush to health systems trying to become ACOs. “My advice…is the best thing that could happen to them would be that their competitors do an ACO, because the upfront investment in infrastructure will deplete their capital and then the political capital that they will have to invest to convince their specialists to participate in a program that potentially could reduce the specialists’ revenue is going to drive the competitor’s specialists to your hospitals,” says one critic in this HealthLeaders Media article.

The individual mandate isn’t the only problem. There are several healthcare reform-related lawsuits before the Supreme Court, which is now tasked with choosing which ones it will hear. The individual mandate, the employer mandate, Medicaid, and the Virginia law are all up for the choosing.

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