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Six bits of wisdom from the Mayo brothers

If the Mayo brothers were around today, they’d be great tweeters.

At least that’s what the healthcare social media gurus at Mayo Clinic think of their organization’s founders.

Since January, the hospital has been tweeting a quote a day from one of the Mayo men in memory of the elder Dr. William Mayo, who died 100 years ago, and in commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of a defining graduation speech given by his son, Dr. Will Mayo, at Rush Medical College in Chicago.

Referred to as Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie, the Mayo brothers — and their father William — were known for “the kind of pithy, incisive comments that would fit perfectly on Twitter,” Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Director Lee Aase wrote in a blog post when the project launched in January. Plus, they had a passion for education and sharing within the medical community, traveling to medical centers all over the world to swap medical discoveries and knowledge with other doctors, so they would no doubt be avid social media users today.

Aase wrote that the idea behind tweeting bits of wisdom from the Mayo men was to renew appreciation for the wisdom that the clinic was founded on. But it’s also another fun way the clinic, a leader in healthcare social media, is embracing social media to reinforce its brand identity.

You can read the no-nonsense nuggets of knowledge straight from the mouths of the Mayos themselves daily on Twitter, or compiled at the Mayo Brother’s Wisdom page. Here are six of our favorite Tweets from this year:

Dr. Will Mayo: “Civilization and intellectual growth depend largely on preventive medicine.”

Dr. Charlie Mayo: “When you want support for public health measures, you have to educate the people. When you start to educate the people, you should begin with the women because they will fight for the health of their children.”

Dr. Will Mayo: “I think all of us who have worked years in the profession understand that many very skillful operators are not good surgeons.”

Dr. Charlie Mayo: “More good would come to our country through tongue control than birth control.”

Dr. Will Mayo: “The future of any country depends on the proper use of its most intelligent men.”

Dr. Will Mayo: “The glory of medicine is that it is constantly moving forward, that there is always more to learn.”

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