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Why We Care

Metropolitan Council: proud sponsor of Earth Journal

One Water – The Metropolitan Council’s commitment to an abundant resource for future generations.

Nearly a half century ago the Minnesota Legislature tasked the Metropolitan Council with treating wastewater in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In the late 1960s the region’s waters were polluted with untreated sewage and other industrial pollutants. Today, our region has one of the best wastewater treatment systems in the nation, consistently meeting and exceeding clean water standards at rates 40% lower than comparable regions.

One Water is our commitment to ensure that clean and abundant waters we have today are there for future generations. Continued growth in population and our economy, aging infrastructure and the legacy of past pollutants that were buried in soils decades ago are just a few of the challenges we face.

We are sponsoring environmental coverage on MinnPost to give people the information they need to take action for clean water.

One Water means that we will collaborate with communities and partners across the region. This inclusive approach to water management recognizes that all forms of water – surface water, stormwater, groundwater and treated wastewater – are part of a single resource to be conserved and protected.

Editor’s note: While the Metropolitan Council’s sponsorship supports the publication of Earth Journal and Environment coverage, the metropolitan Council does not review or influence the column’s content. This is in accordance with MinnPost’s editorial independence policy.