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Lizard People: Minnesota’s next U.S. senator?

Trying to figure out a voter’s intentions on a ballot can be a challenge, but one voter has left election officials just plain confused and gained national media attention in the process. Twenty-five-year-old Lucas Davenport of Bemidji claims he was the person who wrote in Lizard People for his vote for Minnesota U.S. Senate. But he also filled in the circle for Al Franken. The Franken campaign has challenged that ballot while others are calling it an overvote. “No word yet on whether he was smoking something,” reports David Brauer of MinnPost’s Daily Glean. Take a look at some of the other challenged ballots in the recount process.

Here is an interesting side note from MPR:
“If you Google Lucas Davenport you’ll turn up someone of the same name who’s already famous, but fictional. Lucas Davenport is the protagonist cop in a series of novels by Minnesota writer John Camp. Camp published the books under the pen name John Sandford.”

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