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Rep. Michele Bachmann on town hall meetings

Recent town hall meetings between politicians and the public have often resulted in shouting matches — and, in some cases, even physical violence. Rep. Michele Bachmann appears on Fox’s “Hannity” to share her take on these town halls.

Note: Bachmann first appears at the 3:02 minute mark.

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  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 08/21/2009 - 01:09 pm.

    As painful as it is to listen to this verbal love fest between Rep. Bachmann and Mr. Hannity, it’s always a good idea to know the enemy. And make no mistake, they are the enemies of rationale debate.
    Sadly, too many Americans are content to take their lead from those with reasons to distort the argument on health care through the use of terms such as “death panels” or by showing contempt for the concept of profit. Yes, it’s a large bill. But it’s far from the largest bill ever offered. Yes, it’s a difficult read, even for some of us who are used to working our way through state and federal legislation. But it’s not impossible to read and understand the gist of the proposal. I encourage those who truly care about the issue to make the effort, without guidance from members of either party or either end of the political spectrum. Don’t allow anyone to use you to parrot their message.

  2. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 08/22/2009 - 05:12 pm.

    Same old same old.

    I do wish that we could leave that block in front of Ms. Bachmann’s mouth, ‘tho.
    She should remember, though, that she swore an oath to uphold the Constitution (and the interests of the United States), not the interests of her district only.

    I just attended a Town Hall….
    If real Americans are one’s who start booing their congressman before he has a chance to answer their questions (and that happened numerous times) so much the worse for our country!

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