Bachmann asked about Voight’s Obama comments

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., appeared on ABC’s political news program “Top Line” Wednesday and the program’s hosts asked her if she agreed with a statement made by actor Jon Voight at her “Superbowl of Freedom” rally in Washington, D.C., last month.

Voight said of President Obama: “His only success in his one-year term as president is taking America apart piece by piece. Could it be, he has had 20 years of subconscious programming by Reverend Wright to damn America?”

Bachmann did not say whether she agreed with Voight’s statement about Obama, but she did say: “I like Jon Voight. I think he’s a great American.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by David Dempsey on 12/10/2009 - 04:49 pm.

    She is implicitly endorsing Voight’s inflammatory, hateful remarks. She deserves censure, formal or informal.

  2. Submitted by Rita Sanchez on 12/10/2009 - 05:03 pm.

    Michele Bachmann is a breath of fresh air in Washington. I admire her courage in exposing the criminal behavior of ACORN and their funding with taxpayer money. I also admire her ability to organize the rally at the Capital which was attended by several thousand taxpayers on short notice to protest the gutting of the finest medical care in the world and the massive takeover by the govenment of the healthcare in our country. Spending trillions on the healthcare takeover when the US deficit has quadupled in the last 9 months is completely moronic and Rep. Bachmann is one of the few brave govenment servants who has the courage to speak up. She truly cares about the debt we are heaping on our children and the risk it poses to our future and National security. Why don’t our other representatives care about our children and Nation’s future? Why are the so afraid of getting on Obama’s bad side? Does this have anything to do with his Chicago history?

  3. Submitted by Rita Sanchez on 12/10/2009 - 05:42 pm.

    I was taken aback by Voight’s comments. Voight is a very thoughtful and intelligent man with a lot of integrity. He is really a gutsy guy to say what he did and to come from the left-leaning Hollywood world. Upon doing a fact check, there was nothing untrue or misleading with respect to his comments. I love people with personal courage and that don’t get caught up in trying to be , say , think or do what everyone else does just to fit in. He is definitely not a man a hate, but a man who loves the US and rightfully fears for its future.

  4. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 12/11/2009 - 03:37 pm.

    Ms. Sanchez: Your entire paragraph seems to be a list of right-wing talking points that have been debunked over and over. As have Mr. Voight’s remarks.

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