Fox’s Bill O’Reilly finds proposed U of M education topics unbelievable

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly discusses what he believes to be an unbelievable situation with Fox Business anchor John Stossel.

A new program proposed at the University of Minnesota will require education students to take courses on such topics as white privilege, institutional racism and internalized oppression.

As a former teacher, O’Reilly argues these classes only emphasize the negative as another way for college campuses to push left-wing indoctrination to make students believe America is a bad place.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Jennifer Tuder on 12/18/2009 - 11:51 am.

    It’s interesting to note how O’Reilly’s rhetoric assumes a “banking model” of education. In the banking model, students are presumed to be empty “accounts” where educators make “deposits” of knowledge. At the university level, the banking model is simply erroneous. Students arrive on campuses with 18 or more years of varied experiences, ideas, and knowledge. This includes K-12 social studies curricula that emphasizes America’s benefits and achievements. I believe the reason that many universities include courses about white privilege and heteronormativity is because students have not often encountered these criticisms. And they are criticisms, designed to call attention to America’s problems in the hope that they can be solved. Furthermore, O’Reilly’s thinking also assumes that students are completely passive, unable to exercise their individual critical faculties. That’s simply not the case.

  2. Submitted by Bill Gleason on 12/18/2009 - 03:18 pm.

    It is complicated.

    The U is responding to the original FIRE letter and the response may be available today or tomorrow. I went to a meeting of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee of the U Faculty Senate this morning. They will also be issuing some sort of statement on the matter.

    There are some items in the so-called final report (or brainstorming notes depending on who’s doing the talking) that are very disturbing. The TERI proponents don’t seem to be willing to admit that there is anything in the report that is objectionable. And they take any criticism as harassment. Obviously any comments by KK or O’Reilly can’t be right, because they are not legit journos – or so the argument seems to go.

    [I put this FOX clip up on my blog – on the University site – a few days ago. No complaints from U admin so far. But they don’t seem to be interested in engaging in a dialog with anyone on the matter.]

    There is obviously going to have to be some backing down, if the U wants this problem to go away.

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