Recovered C-SPAN video proves McCain wrong on Franken and Lieberman Senate-floor issue

Sen. Al Franken made headlines last week after he denied Senator Joe Lieberman’s request for more time to finish his speech on health-care reform on the Senate floor.

Franken’s move caught the attention of Sen. John McCain, who, speaking right after Lieberman, said, “I’ve been around here twenty-some years, first time I’ve seen a member denied a minute or two to finish his remarks. And I must say that I don’t know what’s happening here in this body, but I think it’s wrong.”

Perhaps McCain may have had a bit of a memory lapse in objecting to something he in fact had done himself. Audio and video from the C-SPAN archive shows McCain refused to grant 30 seconds of extra time to to former Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn., during an Iraq war debate back in October of 2002.

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