Ventura talks war with Larry King

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura shares his views with Larry King on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and promotes his new show on Trutv called “Conspiracy Theory.”

President Barack Obama will lay out his plans for a troop increase in Afghanistan tonight. Ventura voices his concern over both the economic and human cost to the United States for maintaining the wars in Iraq and Afgahantistan. “We’re involved in two wars now, and this country is feeling no pain. Well I got news for you, when you’re involved in war everyone should feel a little bit of pain. We need to pass a war tax to pay for this war,” said Ventura.

Read more on Ventura in today’s Daily Glean.

Here is the continuation of Ventura’s appearance on “Larry King Live.” Joining him are Ben Stein and Arianna Huffington to talk further about the future of Afghanistan. Stein and Ventura get into a rather heated exchange over military service and financing the wars in the Middle East. 

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