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Bachmann on Social Security

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., appeared on "Fox Business" today to talk about Social Security, calling it a "tremendous fraud."

Bachmann said: "No company could get away with this. They would be thrown in jail if they ever tried to do what the federal government did with people's Social Security money."

Bachmann also plugged her campaign event with Sarah Palin April 7.

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Comments (1)

They're both referring to my QA with Bachmann where I called her a "political monster." Nancy Pelosi didn't tell me to call her a monster, Slavoj Zizek did. Check it:

Anyway, she is getting a lot of mileage out of the monster thing. I emailed her chief of staff last week after she talked about getting called a monster in a speech in North Dakota and he said, "Hey Steve, I'm not sure in what context she was speaking from in ND, but she enjoyed talking with you and I thought it was an excellent piece."

Brian Lambert wrote a big feature that ran next to my QA with the congresswoman, wherein he basically said she just kicks up ish to rally the troops and to get attention and to raise money. The way she's characterizing my QA is furthering Brian's point. On the interwebs, I was accused of being too hard on her and too easy on her, but it didn't really matter what I wrote. She found a way to fit me into her "the biased liberal media" narrative, and there I stay: the unseen bogeyman (monster!) on Fox News.

That's what I get for reading Slovenian psycho-political theory, I guess. Zizek!