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Minneapolis named America’s best city for biking

In a surprising choice, the May edition of Bicycling Magazine named Minneapolis America’s best city for biking. The city still trails Portland, Oregon, in the percentage of commuters who bike to work (4.3 percent to 5.9 percent, respectively, according to the most recent American Community Survey), but Minneapolis has been gaining momentum.

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  1. Submitted by Christian Franken on 05/07/2010 - 01:13 pm.

    Too bad St. Paul is behind. It’s fairly easy to move east-west through St. Paul but the north-south connections are sorely lacking. Would be great to have some north-south bike lanes north of Summit. Every time I ride my bike from Summit to Minnehaha on Lexington, Hamline or Snelling, I feel like I’m endangering my life.

  2. Submitted by Eric Ferguson on 05/07/2010 - 02:51 pm.

    Does the rating that puts Portland ahead of us for percent of commuters take into account our winters? Portland gets rain, but they’re not dealing so much with ice.

    And are the ratings for the whole metro area, or just the one city?

  3. Submitted by Joshua Houdek on 05/07/2010 - 03:32 pm.

    Eric, bike friendly city ratings are not weighted for weather, and they are just for one city (best to my knowledge).

    Let’s toast America’s Best Bicycle City! Monday, June 7, 7:00pm, Bar Abilene in Uptown. $3 for every margarita goes to the Sierra Club, and matched by The McKnight Foundation.

    Congratulations Minneapolis!

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