Oberstar booed during Duluth debate

The first election debate between Rep. Jim Oberstar and Republican challenger Chip Cravaack was far from two-sided. The vocal audience joined in as well.

Oberstar was booed by the crowd when talking about the economic stimulus and health-care reform. “A colossal mountain of debt” was created by the Bush administration, Oberstar said. After hearing the jeers from the audience, he said, “I gather they don’t like to hear the truth.”

Oberstar serves Minnesota’s  8th Congressional District, which includes Northeast cities such as Duluth. He is currently serving his 17th term in office.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 10/22/2010 - 01:09 am.

    There’s no shortage of angry tea-party members who believe every lie they’ve ever heard from right-wing propagandists at candidate forums.

    They were out in force tonight at the debate among Betty McCollum and her Republican and Independence Party (endorsed by the tea party) opponents, occasionally cheering false claims like France’s nuclear power system being “safe” when it definitely has leakage problems and casting doubt on whether or not humans contribute to global warming, clapping or booing in violation of the moderator’s instructions to hold all such until the end.

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