Mini-Roast highlights: Jay Weiner and his recount rap

Reporter Jay Weiner covered the 2008 Franken/Coleman election recount in-depth for MinnPost and wrote a book about his experiences called “This Is Not Florida.” During last night’s Mini-Roast, MinnPost’s third birthday celebration at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis, Weiner treated the crowd to this rap about the recount.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 11/10/2010 - 05:09 pm.

    On Sunday, Jay Weiner was featured on C-Span2’s “Book TV” program as he discussed his new book with an audience at the University of Minnesota bookstore.

    Best line? When asked where a lost batch of 130 or so ballots (counted but misplaced) could be, Mr. Weiner replied that he had them in his trunk.

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