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Just Plain Big: The State Fair in 1988

From Chris Ereneta via Vimeo:

“Twenty-three years ago, Christa Dahlstrom–a college sophomore and Minnesota native–rented a VHS camcorder and brought it and two friends (Ted Johnson and Brian Glenn) to the Minnesota State Fair.

Back at school she spent weeks learning the dorm’s linear video editing system, with the help of her film-major boyfriend (i.e. me), and cutting together this irreverent and loving overview.

Food-on-a-stick, Ye Old Mill, beauty queen butter sculptures, tractors, sideshow barkers, and bull semen.

The tape has degraded quite a bit, so I have done a tiny bit of cleanup, and removed a couple of minutes entirely.

Looking back at this I am reminded that she has always been funnier than me, and a better filmmaker. I’m excited she’s making movies again.”

Just Plain Big: Minnesota State Fair 1988 from Chris Ereneta on Vimeo.

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