ARTCRANK: A poster party for bike people

Minneapolis photographer Jonathan Chapman put together an impressive time-lapse encapsulation of ARTCRANK, the annual poster party for bike people:

On Saturday, April 14, ARTCRANK — a poster show featuring bicycle-inspired artwork — opened its sixth annual show in Minneapolis. The event that started with a party at a bike shop has grown into an international happening, with shows in 10 cities and a worldwide following. As ARTCRANK has gotten bigger, so have the crowds at its Twin Cities events. Using images from multiple cameras over a 12-hour span, photographer Jonathan Chapman captures the pulse of activity flowing through this year’s opening from beginning to end. In one night, more than 3,000 people passed through the doors of the Traffic Zone Gallery to see handmade posters created by local artists. Thanks to magic of stop-motion animation, you’ll see almost all of them in one hot minute.

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