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Minnesota Culture Club presents a new Twins Anthem

Shouldn’t baseball teams have chants like soccer teams do? MinnPost’s Andy Sturdevant thinks so! He introduced a reworked version of the Leeds United song at a ‘Salon Saloon’ in 2010 to pay tribute to our Minnesota Twins.

Sam Utne of Minnesota Culture Club liked the idea so much that he created a karaoke version. Through the magic of Skype, Twins fans from across the country added their voices to this new Twins anthem. (Utne is careful to note, “this isn’t meant to replace anything we already sing at Twins games, it’s just a tune to add to our arsenal.”)

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  1. Submitted by Danny Riley on 04/07/2012 - 06:32 am.


    Leeds fans sing great songs. Here’s a new one for y’all (that’s how Americans say it, right?) to learn. It’s about a horrible, horrible man (possibly a reptilian) who is killing the football club: “Get out of our club, get out of our club, you Chelsea b*****d, get out of our club!”

  2. Submitted by Sergio GARCIA on 04/07/2012 - 02:02 pm.

    Americans ruin everything. Stick to sitting in your seats eating hot dogs.

  3. Submitted by michael waterfall on 04/23/2012 - 01:11 pm.

    Good Job

    I’ve been singing this song since I bought it in 1972 (on a record, a black thing with a hole in the middle which went on a turntable, spun round at 45 rpm and by the use of a needle played music), it’s become the rallying cry for all Leeds fans and if you want a piece of it you can have have a piece of it with mine and several thousand others Leeds fans blessing. There are actions to go with the song, plus extra bits that we have added (small bits) if you want to see, google ‘Leeds United Marching on together’, and look for the Arsenal game, 40,000 singing at the top of their voices… didn’t do us any good we got stuffed but hey that’s life!!

    Just checked your sports pages, having pitching problems?

    Take care


    PS careful when looking for Leeds United songs, sometimes we let people know just what they are thinking and the language can be shall we say gets a little tasty??!!??

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