Saint Paul mural in four parts: the Bigger Picture Project

Have you noticed four murals featuring partial animals along the route of the central corridor light rail in Saint Paul? If they had you wondering what was going on, the Bigger Picture Project is your answer. From the project’s website:

The Bigger Picture Project is set of four murals painted on locations along St. Paul’s central corridor. Artists John Grider and Mike Fitzsimmons (known together as Broken Crow), designed the images to fit together to create one Bigger Picture along the route of the light rail. Using enormous stencils, they painted animals in motion—lions, camels, rhinos, wolves, tortoises and foxes—varied creatures moving forward together, much like the light rail passengers themselves. The complete composition measures 32 feet tall by 60 feet wide. This is the first multiple-location mural; no one who contributed to the project had tried, or even heard of, anything like it.

The murals are located at 633 University Ave, 651 University Ave, and 2145 University Ave–both sides of the street are painted at the last address, for an enveloping effect.

Broken Crow asked photographer and tech-wiz Benjamin Clasen to document the process. Clasen took 30,000 vibrant photographs to create a time-lapsed video, elevating his documentation into a work of art in its own right. Now, each mural is outfitted with a QR code that provides passers-by access to the time-lapsed footage. People can see the painting process immediately on their mobile device, while still standing in front of the mural—turning city corners into an open air gallery.

“The Bigger Picture” by Broken Crow was financed in part by the Cultural Sales Tax Revitalization Program through the City of St. Paul and is a collaboration of Irrigate.

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