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Sig Olson’s Wilderness Canoe Country

Via Interstate Films on Vimeo:

In 1949 Sigurd Olson wrote, directed, and starred with his son Robert in a 30-minute, 16mm color film called “Wilderness Canoe Country”. Filmed by naturalist and photographer Grant Halladay and narrated by famed broadcaster Paul Harvey, it tells the story of a father and son on a wilderness canoe trip in the Quetico-Superior whose solitude is shattered when a bush plane lands nearby. “The Film built more vital support for the airplane ban in northeastern Minnesota than all of the speeches, articles, and other conservationist propaganda put together” (David Backes, from “A Wilderness Within – The Life of Sigurd F. Olson”). President Truman signed the executive order thanks to Sigurd’s efforts, and the ban stands to this day. Of course now there are new threats… (visit for the latest).

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