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Rep. Keith Ellison reacts to Democratic platform changes on Jerusalem, God

In an interview with Democracy Now! from the floor of the Democratic National Convention, Rep. Keith Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota's 5th district, reacts to two amendments to his party's platform: one recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and another adding a reference to God to the document.

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about the capital

Ellison is correct about the capital of Israel up to a point. I would take it one step further. Why should Israel negotiate with non-Israelis about the location of its capital? We don't expect Peru to negotiate with non-Peruvians about the location of its capital. Let the Israeliis decide for themselves what their capital will be.


If Israel chose Tel Aviv as its capital there would be no question.
Jerusalem is more complicated because of its history; take a look at a map of the original British Mandate. Jerusalem has too much history -- too many associations with three major religions, for it to be universally accepted as Israel's capital.

Loved this headline:

Democrats Boo God, Cheer Clinton


Israel didn't randomly nchoose Jerusalem. It has been the Jews' capital city for hundreds of years, even back before King David and King Solomon, and long before the British Mandate.