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Mayor Rybak: 'I don't care what the NRA thinks'

Mayor R.T. Rybak was on MSNBC's "Jansing & Co." supporting President Obama's call for Congress to stand up to the NRA when it comes to new gun control measures.

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Says the man not running for re-election


I don't care what the NRA thinks

There is a misconception about the NRA that is promoted by Liberal elites that don't want the average person armed. This misconception is that the NRA is an organization that primarily is funded by and represents the interests of Gun manufacturers.

This is a total lie. The NRA is a grassroots organization of and funded by more than 3 million average citizens who realize that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is as important today as it was when it was ratified.

Polititions better care what the NRA says because we the members vote in all elections and I would never vote for anyone who did not respect and vote for laws consistant with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

I worked for 20 years as a Registered Nurse on psychiatric units in hospitals and am quite aware of the manipulative prevarications of those who want to take away the only effective means that the average citizen has to protect himself or herself from the many violent criminals that we now have to deal with.

The people who say we don't want to take anyone's guns away simply are lying. They realize they can't chane the laws all at once to make the ownership of gins illegal so they have invented the idea that some guns are "bad", and that they only want to make these "bad" guns illegal. Their goal is to increase the types of guns that are "bad" untill there is no "good " gun and no one is allowed to own or carry any type of firearm.

The English government used this tactic and now no one can own or posess a gun in England. The people who want to make guns illegal brag about the reduction in "gun crime" but neglect to say that now that owning guns in England is illegal they have the highest violent crime rate in the world!


Just to correct one single statistical error in this comment:
Gun homicides in England and Wales per 100,000 - 6
In Brazil - 61.2
Belgium - 39.5
Denmark - 39.5
Finland 19.8

That's just a small sample.

The NRA is not and never has been a grass-roots organization. Look up the facts -- not from NRA sources but from official and neutral sources.

Usually I'm not muc of a fan

Usually I'm not muc of a fan of RT Rybak. But on this occasion I was admiring of his way of articulating what we are about, post-Newtown massacre of children and teachers: The NRA is not the center of this discussion. Eliminating, or at least drastically reducing, gun violence is what we have to do. That is the focus, not the NRA's identity or its philosophy or its sponsors in the gun industry.

Gun violence, as with children killing children in the home where Daddy has too many guns (in Minneapolis recently: a four-year-old shot his two-year-old brother with Daddy's loaded handgun, that had been stashed under a bed pillo). Gun violence, as in the huge majority of suicides committed in the U.S. Domestic violence, where a husband shoots his wife because he's mad at her for speaking up or for saying she's leaving him. Gun violence, as in the gang drive-bys that accidentally go through a neighbor's house wall and kills a kid just trying to do his or her homework.

Raymond Rybak said:

"I don't care what the NRA thinks."

That's ok. I don't care what you think, either.

NRA is not a grassroots organization

The NRA, which began as a grassroots organization dedicated to teaching marksmanship, enters the 2012 election season as a lobbying, merchandising and marketing machine that brings in more than $200 million a year and intends to help unseat the incumbent president. From 2004 to 2010, the group’s revenue from fundraising -- including gifts from gun makers who benefit from its political activism -- grew twice as fast as its income from members’ dues, according to NRA tax returns.
74% of NRA members support stricter gun control - the NRA isn't responsive to its own membership. It's beholden to the arms manufacturers for its funding; who do you think has the loudest voice?
This is the new model - distract your members with fear, i.e. "they're coming for our guns" while they follow their true master's agenda and collect the checks.

We need to care what others think

It may feel good to say 'I don't care what others think", but even if you totally disagree with them, you must care. In fact, in my pursuit of solutions for complex issues, it is often those that have the most resistance to your idea, that can provide you with the insight on how to turn the corner toward a solution.