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MnDOT makes the case for modern roundabouts

Think you know traffic circles? Think again. In this 11-minute video, MnDOT makes the case for the modern roundabout: not only are they safer than traditional four way intersections with traffic lights, they're more efficient too. The video also includes some helpful tips on how to navigate the circles.

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Comments (2)

Round abouts only

make sense within dense population areas. They do not make sense out on a highway where a much less-used State or County road, for instance, intersects. The highway traffic should not have to slow down for the occasional side-road vehicle.
A prime example of this questionable decision-making is on heavily-traveled U.S. Highway # 2 five miles out of Ashland, Wisc......the only highway between the U.P. and Duluth.

U.S. # 2 is intersected by Wisc. St. Hwy # 13....the one which goes to Bayfield. Other than during Bayfield's annual 3-day 'apple festival', traffic on # 13 is very limited compared to U.S. # 2.
However, all U.S. # 2 traffic must now slow down to a crawl in order to navigate the all times. In this situation, an overpass for State # 13 would have made much more sense...and probably not cost any more $.
However, it appears that the WDT got caught up in a fad and whomever their DOT head is, he/she bit hard on the bait.

Rather old and biased toward 1-lane roundabouts

This video is 7 years old! Still, they do seem to like roundabouts.

I like them well enough in some situations, but only the 1-lane versions. All the safety advantages the video mentioned were about the 1-lane versions. multi-lane roundabouts have more crashes than traditional intersections, though generally less severe.

For bicycles 1-lane roundabouts work just fine and safety stats suggest they are at least as good as traditional intersections. Bikes in multi-lane roundabouts have a much worse time of it.