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Rep. Bob Barrett proposes alternative Vikings stadium funding mechanism

Since e-pulltabs aren’t working out as a funding source, the Lindstrom Republican suggests other ideas.

Remember how revenue from e-pulltabs and electronic bingo was supposed to cover most of the public contribution to the construction of the Vikings stadium? With these gambling revenues falling very short of projects, Rep. Bob Barrett, R–Lindstrom, thinks it’s time to consider another funding source. His suggestion? Follow the example of San Francisco and Santa Clara, who raised $1 billion for a stadium through the sale of naming rights and personal seat licenses. While Barrett doesn’t expect to get quite that much for a stadium in Minnesota, he points out that if the sales brought in even a third of what they did in California the state’s contribution to the stadium would be covered. Barrett suggests that reconsidering stadium funding is the perfect legislation for 2014’s proposed “un-session”; now he just needs to convince Gov. Dayton.