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Franken and McCain 'debate' during Vikings-Cardinals pre-game show


Prior to Thursday night's NFL game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals, former "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer acted as moderator during a humorous bit featuring Sen. Al Franken and Sen. John McCain. As each senator defended their respective home-state team, the dialogue devolved into insults and name-calling, with Franken declaring McCain a "loser" and McCain, in turn, denouncing Franken as a "liberal commie socialist."

No embed code available (thanks, Goodell) so check out the video here.

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Comments (4)

it was kinda funny

too bad about the actual game


Were they asked about concussions in the NFL?


What game?

Highlight of the game!

I do feel bad that the highlight of the game occurred before the football game started. It certainly was not the last play!!

Also, we should listen to Sen. Franken more. On 3rd down he was quoted as saying to staff - "Kick the field goal now!!"