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MinnClips is a space to watch videos with a Minnesota connection. Here you will find a wide collection of video clips – plus links to related content on MinnPost. New videos will be added frequently, so be sure to check back often. If you have a Minnesota-related video that you’d like us to consider, simply upload your video to your favorite video sharing web site (like or and email us a link to your published video. Videos must be in good taste, with no copyright violations. When submitting your video to MinnClips, be sure to point out the Minnesota connection.

From garden tools to toys

When a group of Minnesota teachers realize their attempt to make and sell garden tools is failing, they decide to use their extra materials to make toys. Lynn Everett Baker (1898-1964), Avery F. Crounse and Alvin F.

December 7th, 1941

Survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack describe their experiences aboard the USS St. Louis, nicknamed “Lucky Lou.” One crew member recalls seeing a flying fireball of a Japanese plane overhead. Twenty-one U.S.

Start of the holiday season in St. Paul

Two fireworks launched into its top gave the signal to light up the 90-foot-tall blue spruce. Rice Park was home to the annual tree-lighting ceremony that included 30,000 holiday bulbs.

The Recount Voice of Reason

In Minneapolis one person plays the moderator amid a flurry of fighting or arguing between two campaigns. Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert has the task of upholding and explaining the recount laws to both sides for challenged ballots.

A stair-climbing robot!

Meet the new search-and-rescue robot designed and developed at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Distributed Robotics. The Loper is one of nearly 100 robots in the center’s lab.

35W bridge collapse: investigation results

Thin steel plates appear to be the cause of the bridge collapse, according to results given by safety investigators. The bridge had been overweighed with construction materials when the plates gave way.

MN Senate Recount on Fox News

Even before the recount has started, Norm Coleman’s lead in the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota has begun to diminish; it’s now down to just a couple hundred votes. Human error seems to be the blame for some miscounted votes.