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MinnClips is a space to watch videos with a Minnesota connection. Here you will find a wide collection of video clips – plus links to related content on MinnPost. New videos will be added frequently, so be sure to check back often. If you have a Minnesota-related video that you’d like us to consider, simply upload your video to your favorite video sharing web site (like or and email us a link to your published video. Videos must be in good taste, with no copyright violations. When submitting your video to MinnClips, be sure to point out the Minnesota connection.

Minnesota Parcours

You won’t find any rules in this sport. Started in France, Parcours is based on moving efficiently from one point to another and overcoming obstacles — while also avoiding injuries!

Minnesota’s tennis champ

The No. 1 ranked wheelchair tennis player in the country just happens to live in Minnesota. John Rydberg was paralyzed at 13 months old, but that hasn’t stopped him from excelling at several sports, including tennis.

And the Winner is…

That answer is still up in the air. The Minnesota Senate race was too close to call on election night. The Associated Press reports almost 2.9 million Minnesotans voted Tuesday.

One billion strong and growing – literally

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources celebrates the one-billionth seedling grown in the state’s forest nurseries. DNR commissioner Mark Holsten uses a tracker to lift new seedlings from the nursery to be put into storage for the winter.

Halloween: Critical Mass in Minneapolis

A couple hundred costumed bicyclists gathered together in Minneapolis on Halloween. The group was participating in Critical Mass, an event held in cities around the country to draw attention to improving biking in downtown areas.

‘Some’ assembly required

With little more to go from than a picture of what it is supposed to look like, these workers attempt to reassemble a massive metal sculpture transported from Millennium Park in Chicago to the small town of Franconia, Minn.

Burn Baby Burn

The Hugo Fire Department explains in depth what it takes to burn down a building in a control-burn training session. Firefighters set up burn rooms to gain experience fighting a fire.
In the video below, burning starts at minute 5:40.

Some fans think bird is still the word

The Trashmen was a popular rock and roll band started in Minneapolis in the 1960s. Their most notable hit was “Surfin‚ Bird” in 1963. Earlier this month, the Minnesota man responsible for the success of this hit, Amos Heilicher, died at age 90.