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Blog offers up mysterious photos

Growing up, Burnsville blogger Conner McCall was always attracted to a good mystery. Last week, he brought that fascination to readers of his blog with a new feature called “Wednesday Where.”

“It can probably be best described as a reverse photo scavenger hunt.  Instead of sending readers off to find things, I post a photo and ask the readers to guess where I took it,” Conner said.

The post goes up each Wednesday and subtle clues follow before the location is eventually revealed on Friday. Unless of course, somebody guesses correctly.

Not exactly “CSI,” but for a part-time blogger trying engage readers, this seemed to stick. The feature received several mentions on Twitter and links from a few other local blogs. 

“I hope to drive my readers to the brink of insanity by posting vaguely familiar, yet frustratingly difficult photos,” he explained.

The inaugural picture post was a bridge in Little Canada. Readers were drawn to the suspense.

“Wow those clues are tough, and I mean ‘National Treasure’ tough,” noted commenter John ‘Brojoghost’ Martens.

Each week, Conner says he’ll drive around the Twin Cities and take the picture. It forces him to learn new places around town and feeds his other passion, photography. 

There are no rules and no prizes. He has no goal other than to entertain his readers and himself.

“I just hope to show everyone that if you just look you can find something interesting everywhere,” he said.

Highlights and lowlights
• St. Paul blogger and baby photographer Mandy Dwyer makes a bold promise on her blog: She’s offering up $1,500 worth of free family pictures to a needy family in the Twin Cities.  She’s looking for people to nominate families who can prove a hardship this holiday season. She has promised to share one of the photos she donates to a family with readers of the Minnesota Blog Cabin when the project is finished.

• Minneapolis Blogger Emily, who has lived in the Twin Cities for less than two years, has been checking things off her “Twin Cities To Do List.” She toured the Summit Brewery, took in a Minnesota Rollergirls Bout and ate a Juicy Lucy.

• The Pioneer Press took a flattering look at south metro blogger Bill Roehl and asked his wife how she feels about him spending so much time online.

• Scooter at A Nod To Nothing shared intimate details of his recent surgery and the problems that followed. The Eagan blogger then responded to a commenter’s request for more details by posting photos.

• University Of Minnesota-Morris Associate Professor PZ Meyers suggested that the United States might be a better place if American journalists started throwing their shoes at President Bush. The post garnered hundreds of comments. 

Worth Bookmarking
Edina blogger Tony Jones tackles difficult issues of faith in a thoughtful manner in his blog The New Christians. His post analyzing Newsweek’s cover story on same sex marriage was especially thorough.

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