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Savvy Celiac: How to eat Gluten-free at the State Fair

It can be disappointing for those with celiac disease to see fellow Minnesotans gorging themselves at the Minnesota State Fair. But, it doesn’t have to be…

Time to whet that gluten-free appetite of yours and tempt you with some of the most memorable food of the year!  Yup the Minnesota State Fair is just a few weeks away and there are 13 new companies on the list of vendors and their gluten-free food offerings! Plus, if you like this– how about getting into the Fair for FREE!!

Now that it is August, Minnesotans really start to think about the State Fair.  More than 1.5 million people attend the 12-day event each year.  This year the fair starts on Thursday, August 26th and you can start eating like kings then!

What’s Gluten-Free at the Minnesota State Fair?

First of all we have to thank the Northland Celiac Support Group, who for the last few years, has been putting this list together for all of us to use.  Their 2010 list shows more than a dozen new companies on this list compared to last year:  Andres Watermelon; Carousel Barbecue; Fried Fruit by Tempting Foods; Fudge Folks, Inc.; Henry’s Kettle Korn; Holy Land Brands, Inc.; Ice Cream Parlour; The Icee Co.; Nut Roll; Sonny’s  Moe & Joe’s Coffee; Texas Steak Out — Fun Biz Concession; Tropical Flavored Cotton Candy and West Indies Soul Food, Inc.

Plus there are nearly two dozen other companies that are returning this year with their great gluten-free creations! You can download your copy of the list and bring it with you to the fair.

Get in Free to the Fair

How you ask?  Volunteer to help with the Northland Celiac Support Group’s booth and you will get free admission to the State Fair for the day you work.

The shifts are short, so you can take in the fair during another part of the day too!   Click here to get more information on volunteering. You will have to pay for your own parking or take the free shuttles from anywhere in the Twin Cities Metro area.

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New this year, the Northland table will be separate from the Anaphylaxis & Food Allergy Association of Minnesota. You can still find them both in the HealthFair11 Building on the State Fair Grounds. Whether you volunteer or not, please go check out their booth.

They’ll have experts there along with prizes and games plus educational materials.  It also would be nice to give them quick thank you for this great list they’ve complied!

This post was written by Amy Leger and posted on the Savvy Celiac. Follow her on Twitter:@AmyLeger