Just Judy: Smartphone census yields fascinating correlations

The great smartphone census of 2010 has been completed by Retrovo and the results are in.  Blackberry won in 15 states and gained 198 gadgetoral votes. The Android netted the most states, 21, but only had 122 gadgetoral  votes.  The iPhone was the top phone in the country. Although it won only 14 states and Washington, D.C., it garnered 215 gadtetoral votes.

In fact, if you divide it up by electoral college votes the iPhone totally pulls a Gore in 2000.  Of course we all know if the United States decided who the President was by popular vote instead of by electoral votes, Al Gore, like the iPhone, would have been the winner.

Not surprisingly the Android community (obviously Republicans) have been taking to the internet declaring themselves the winner of the census, even though Retrovo, the census takers, declared the iPhone the top phone.  The Android Community blog recently posted an articled titled “Android Wins The USA Election!” and had this to say:

“Retrevo, master of census taking in strange places, recently had a vote across the whole 50 nifty United States and found that of the three: Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, the victor was none other than our friend the robot.”

Boy, politics are dirty, even smartphone politics.  Guess what Android owners?  You lost the 2010 USA smartphone election. Now deal with it.

Minnesota is an iPhone state.  We are a traditionally vote democratic when it comes to presidential elections so it doesn’t surprise me that Minnesota is true blue when it comes to the iPhone,  I use an iPhone and have been using one since 2007 when they first came out.  Everyone I know uses an I phone.  I am also a democrat.  Also, just about everyone I know is a democrat. What does the type of smartphone the people use where you live say about your state?

iPhone States

States like California and Massachusetts is where you’ll find the most iPhones per capita. Florida would be unlikely to cause any controversy in a gadgetoral-based election as it sits firmly in iPhone camp.

Android States

Unfortunately, aside from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, most of the Android states like Hawaii and Montana are not the most populous states in the country so although Android wins in a lot of states, it doesn’t garner a lot of gadgetoral votes.


You still can’t beat them for messaging or not be impressed by their adoption in corporate America as the “company” phone. Maybe that’s why states like New York, Texas and the Beltway states of Maryland and Virginia come out on top for BlackBerrys.

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  1. Submitted by Nancy Gertner on 10/27/2010 - 11:24 am.

    Can’t wait to see the map after Apple offers an iPhone with Verizon service. AT&T just has too many dead zones in MN.

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