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Accidental Adult: Ten reasons to give thanks this year

For those of us who refuse to embrace adulthood, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful this year.

‘Tis the season to show a little love for all the cool things in your life. Reluctant grownups like us may view the world tilted towards those who’ve assimilated, but that’s no reason not to count our blessings. And we really are blessed. So what’s this accidental adult thankful for this year?

1. I am thankful that . . . my children still seem to think I know what I’m doing most days. Let the charade continue.

2. I am thankful for . . . the David Lee Roth soundboard app on my mobile phone. Taken from his recording session of “Runnin’ with the Devil,” it features a variety of classic Roth screeches and howls  including “Ah-yaay-awhoo!” “I’lltellyouallaboutit!” and of course, “Oh God! Oh God, I’m running, ahhhhh-yeah!” Fun and funny.

3. I am thankful that . . . a recent snowfall blanketed a two-foot high pile of leaves I fully intended to bag up before winter, essentially making that task unnecessary and impossible. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

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4. I am thankful for . . . the royal engagement of Prince William to the “commoner,” but uncommonly gorgeous, Kate Middleton. Considering the future Queen of England will now become a media fixture likely for the rest of my life, I’m so glad the images we’ll be bombarded with will be of a hottie (not haughty) Queen.

5. I am thankful that . . . my eight-year-old son still shows no interest in joining the Boy Scouts.

6. I am thankful for . . . the continued good health of my family and my loved ones, especially Bono — whose back injury has improved enough that last summer’s cancelled U2 concert is now rescheduled for summer 2011. I haven’t joy-cried at a concert since The Police reunion tour. I’m ready, boys.

7. I am thankful that  . . . I live among adult neighbors who possess the tools and skills I often need to perform a variety of home improvement projects.

8. I am thankful for . . . the satirical newspaper, The Onion. So. Damn. Funny.

9. I am thankful that . . . my friends and family do not expect any more maturity, adult ability or real-world assimilation from me than I am capable of demonstrating.  

10. I am thankful that . . . a reputable medium-sized publishing house in Avon, Massachusetts, said “Yes” to my manuscript, when dozens of other publishers and literary agents said “Nah.” Sometimes the toughest obstacles in life only require a single “Yes” to overcome.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also express my gratitude to readers like you who are following me on my reluctant journey through adulthood. To think that my book and blog might help some people navigate the road to reluctant adulthood and take comfort in knowing there are other accidental adults out there? Ironically, that makes me feel downright “adult.”

Thank you. God bless you. And especially, God save the Queen-to-be.

This post was written by Colin Sokolowski and originally published on Accidental Adult. Follow Colin on Facebook.