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TC Jewfolk: How are the Timberwolves like Hanukkah?

Jewish Heritage Night at the Timberwolves is done and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t still kick it with the uber-cool President of Basketball Operations David Kahn.

Jewish Heritage Night at the Timberwolves is done and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t still kick it with the uber-cool President of Basketball Operations and MOT David Kahn. Here are David’s answers to your questions, a TC Jewfolk exclusive.

On the team’s skills, growth and next steps…

Q: When are the T-Wolves going to be any good?

DK: It depends on how you define “good,” but if you meant a winning team, I think sometime in the next couple years.

Q: What happened to the transition game?

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DK: We are playing at a fast  pace, albeit not running the fastbreak as often as we were earlier in the season. It’ll come as the team develops, but we are hardly a slow moving team.

Q: Why is the triangle offense so difficult to execute? Do the players make the system or the system that makes the players?

DK: First, we don’t run as much pure triangle as people think. Coach Rambis has modified it greatly. In our last two games, we’ve averaged 66 points in the first half, so I think the players are getting better at running our offense.

Q: With Rubio, Flynn and Ridnour; who will be the odd man out at the point?

DK: Maybe nobody! A lot of teams play point guards and combo guards together.

Q: Will Rick Rubio ever actually make it to Minnesota to play with the team?

DK: Yes, I expect him next season.

Q: What will be the next move to get the Timberwolves into the playoffs?

DK: Patience.

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On the Timberwolves’s community involvement, and random Jewish things…

Q: What kinds of things are you and the team involved in in the Non-Profit community?

DK: The Timberwolves are involved in the community in a number of ways, from player-sponsored charity drives and appearances, to monthly grants for non-profit groups from the FastBreak Foundation, employee volunteer days, and our Tickets for Kids program. Our goal is to be a community partner in as many ways as possible.

Q: According to you, which is the correct way to spell that Jewish holiday we celebrate for 8 days usually in December?

DK: Hanukkah.

Q: What similarities do the Hanukkah story and a Timberwolves basketball game share?

DK: There’s a lot of oil used to clean the playing floor.

And more personally…

Q: Is basketball your favorite sport to watch on TV?

DK: That and tennis.

Q: Who is a better pick up basketball player, you or your brother Rob?

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DK: All I know is, my brother has never beaten me in one-on-one.

Q: What position do you like to play on the basketball court?

DK: I’m a point guard, of course.

Q: What advice would you give someone looking to work in the NBA back office? What college major, etc.

DK: More important than anything is networking and making contacts, developing relationships.

Thanks for your questions Jewfolk! And for humoring us with your answers David.

This post was written by Leora Macabee and originally published on TC Jewfolk. Follow TCJewfolk on Twitter:@tcjewfolk.