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Minnesota Prairie Roots: Girl Scouts just keep getting tougher

I’VE HAD GIRL SCOUTS knock on my door to sell Girl Scout cookies.

I’ve had Girl Scouts approach me at church to sell cookies.

I’ve seen Girl Scouts selling cookies at the grocery store and at the mall.But…, until this weekend I’d never seen Girl Scouts bundled in caps, coats, snowpants, mittens and boots selling Girl Scoutcookies outside a Minnesota gas station as temperatures hovered around 30 degrees. And that’s without the windchill.

I wasn’t sure what the group was selling until we got right up to the gas station. I was ready with my camera.

As my family drove through the small southern Minnesota town of Courtland around noon today, these Nicollet Girl Scouts and their moms were peddling cookies at the Shell station along U.S. Highway 14. FYI, Courtland lies west of Nicollet, which lies west of Mankato.

I have to give these girls and their moms credit for their devotion to the cause. I doubt I would have stood out there in brisk March winds selling sweet treats. These Girl Scouts are some tough cookies.

And, no, I’m ashamed to say that we did not stop. I snapped these images as we passed by. But, clearly, the Girl Scout in the second photo wanted me to stop.

Girls and their moms peddled Girl Scout cookies in Courtland.

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  1. Submitted by Kate Mohler on 03/07/2011 - 08:07 am.

    The Girl Scouts and their cookies are out in full force down here in Arizona too. However, here in Phoenix, the girls are wearing t-shirts, shorts, sandals! One more reason to move from Minnesota to Arizona (like me): you get to buy your Girl Scout cookies without going into the freezer!

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