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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: Best blogs of the week

Welcome to this week in the Minnesota Blog Cabin.

Below, you will find a selection of stories and pictures posted this week by the Blog Cabin community. I figured you could take a listen to a little Kinks while you read.

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The lighter side:

COLUMN: Body of work best displayed with shirt from MinnesotaBrown

"...These people will not know how clever or likeable I am. They will only see that my upper body resembles a terribly-designed, half-melted candle made by apathetic summer campers... my upper body resembles some sort of impressionist portrait of an elderly immigrant woman walking home from the market. I don’t mean that my chest resembles that of an old woman; I mean that my chest resembles the entire body of such a woman head to foot, rumpled and sun-starved, rolling shapes of uncertain origin. A stern expression with chin stubble stares out from the top, years of neglect and hard living cascade below, something only her dead husband has ever seen."

Wrong Answer, Alan from Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood

"Sure, let's turn the dollar into Charmin. I'll bet you feel safer now. And I'm equally certain that the Chinese and our other creditors will be totally cool with that."

The Willful Suspension of Sanity from The Miller Times

"Obstacle racing is the hottest thing right now among people who wear those goofy shoes with the toes and those who hate television, sitting and carbs. Take your average 10K trail course and let a six-year-old boy redesign it. Oh, look, he’s added fire pits. Now there’s rope swings and snake pits and mudslides and lava pits and once you cross the finish line, someone kicks you in the knee. This is how some people pay to spend their Saturdays."

IMS Films: Announcing The Directors, The Casting Call, The Event from Just JudyJudyJudy

“Pork maws, it’s great. Just douse it with a little Bosco or Hershey’s Syrup and you’ve got a great looking bloody brain or intestine.”

Laundry Day from OLD AND IN THE WAY

"The drawer has been empty for three days, and in a situation I believe to be related,  I’m also down to my last dress shirt. Thankfully I only have one more day of suit wearing days at the office, but still. The elves who replenish our clothes are apparently on strike or something."


I Don't Remember, I Don't Recall from Mr. Dilettante's Neighborhood

"A little advice to the Left, which won't take it -- go home, at least for a while. While Wisconsin remains closely divided politically, the 6-month tantrum that the Left has offered since Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill was first introduced has been increasingly ineffective. I suspect a lot of people who might have been willing to listen to the Democrats in a normal election cycle pulled the lever for Republicans, mostly to get the Left to shut the hell up. Not that they will, of course."

Standard & Poor's Got It Right, But We Can Still Prove Them Wrong from tunheimmilan's posterous

"In the days since Standard & Poor’s announced its decision to downgrade the creditworthiness of the Federal Government of the United States of America, I have stood on the sidelines and cheered the stinging criticism of Standard and Poor’s from politicians, everyday folks and even the “mainstream” media."

Death of the Mighty Dollar from Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

"That’s where things get interesting because the International Monetary Fund has been looking at a new system to replace the Dollar for some time. It’s called the SDR for “Special Drawing Rights”, a mouthful of a name that describes how it’s maintained.  In essence, it’s a based on the US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, and the Euro.  It can be used in international transactions in place of the US Dollar solo."

Minnesotans favor budget road not taken: Balance spending cuts and new revenue from Minnesota Budget Bites

"Minnesota public opinion has been clear and consistent in its support for a balanced approach, including new revenues. This approach protects critical services such as education, health care, and support for seniors and people with disabilities. Numerous editorials from around the state supported a balanced approach as well."

From a small Minnesota town: “My dad got shot” from Minnesota Prairie Roots

"Recently, the police stopped by her house—the one across from the park with the boxspring leaning outside the front door and the stockade of a fence enclosing the back yard. “I don’t know why they came,” she says. I can see the hint of fear in her eyes."

Short-term budget solutions are leading to credit rating problems for Minnesota from Minnesota Budget Bites

"Minnesota and the U.S. government have suffered recent downgrades in their credit ratings. The negative news could worry investors and may eventually lead to higher borrowing costs for federal, state and local governments. However, it is important to take note of the reasoning behind the recent downgrades: credit rating agencies are concerned about the lack of long-term solutions to ongoing budget deficits."

Awfully Artificial from Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

"One of the most interesting worlds in English is “awful” for one simple reason – in the last 300 years, it’s meaning has completely reversed.  It used to mean “awe inspiring”, a good thing, but somehow things big enough to inspire awe became terrifying.  “Awful” became, well, awful.  What makes this strange is that along the way inspiring awe was back in fashion, and the word “awesome” took the place previously held by “awful”.  It’s worth noting, however, that nothing was ever 'awful to the max'."

This week's posts:

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