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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: Best blogs of the week 8-26

Minnesota Blog Cabin Roundup is a collection of the best in pictures and writing from Minnesota’s blogging community.

Welcome to this week in the Minnesota Blog Cabin.

Below, you will find a selection of stories and pictures posted this week by the Blog Cabin community.

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The lighter side:

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Tuesday Tirade: Gaddafi, Revere and Vandals from The Miller Times

“Say you were a costume designer for an action movie. You spend a few nights at the drawing board, tasked with deciding what the bad guy should look like. You’re playing with various robes, futuristic sunglasses, maniacal haircuts, all manner of headdress. You come up with a rendering that looks exactly like Gaddafi. If you took the illustration to the director, you’d be chided. Scolded. Berated. Maybe even fired.”

One Person’s Liberation… from OLD AND IN THE WAY

“Gaddafi was one strange dictator, so strange than even all his Dictator friends from around the Arab World distanced themselves from him.”

Glenn Beck’s Copernicus from The Deets – Ed Kohler’s Blog

“He then explained that the ‘scientists’ who don’t play that game are the real heros of science today. In fact, he claimed that the typical global warming debunking ‘researcher’ is, in fact, a modern day Copernicus because they speak ‘truth’ to power. Maybe Beck does this every day. It’s the first time I heard it.”

We govern in a van down by the river from MinnesotaBrown

“It occurs to me that this year is laying a template for how to run the government out of a van. But perhaps I’m reading too much into all this.

Failing Fashion? Join the Trunk Club from The Miller Times

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“I am by no means a flashy dresser, so when I chose to wear a pair of bright red shorts to work last Thursday, it drew some major attention. My fiancée purchased the shorts — ‘They were only $10,’ she said — and though I’m told they’re fashionable, I never would have purchased them on my own. My style is to fashion what meat and potatoes is to fine cuisine.”

Offline and Off Center Let Downs from OLD AND IN THE WAY

“If you agree to not having a social observance of your High School Graduation, I will take you to two Premier League games in the UK.”

Shelter Report: I Promise I’ll Do Better. from Across the Great Divide