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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 9/17

This week features the work of photographers Dana Maltby and Audrey Kletscher Helbling, as well as a collection of the best writing from Minnesota blogs.

Minnesota Blog Cabin Roundup is a collection of the best in pictures and writing from Minnesota’s blogging community. Please let MinnPost know if you have — or know of — a blog (or photoblog) that you think should be featured on the site. Email JHansen[at], or Twitter @MNBlogCabin.

Today’s featured photos come from Saint Paul photograher Dana Maltby. Maltby’s photos are straight out of the camera; no cropping, adjustment or Photoshopping. His work can be seen at his website or on Flickr.

Our other photo set comes from Blog Cabin stalwart Audrey Kletscher Helbling. Her wonderful writing and photography can be seen at her blog Minnesota Prairie Roots.

Use the slider on the bottom of the slideshows to navigate.

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One more thing: A big shoutout to MN Brown for his Most Valuable Blogger editor’s choice pickup. Well done.

There Are Two Marriages – Part Two

from Theoblogy

“If you ask conservatives who are fighting against the (inevitable) acceptance of gay marriage, they’ll tell you that marriage is primarily about procreation and rearing of children — a booklet handed to me at the Minnesota State Fair by the the anti-gay-marriage people (who were subsequently glitter bombed) goes on at length about how one-man-one-woman marriage is all about the children.

The problem with that argument is that we allow celibate, infertile, post-menopausal, and otherwise non-child-producing couples to get legally married without batting an eye.  So, at least according to the government, marriage isn’t really about producing children.  It’s about two (oppositely gendered) persons who’d like to legalize their partnership and accrue the 515 benefits afforded to married persons in Minnesota state law (PDF).”

Things I Said About the First Freeze That I’ll Regret Having Said By November

from The Miller Times

“I’m really looking forward to watching the leaves change colors.” — Yeah, nothing like watching the remaining foliage die. Real uplifting as we head toward seven months of a still, dark, frozen abyss.”

Governor, carp czar address Minnesota carp summit as carp fears mount

from MinnesotaBrown

“Last year this blog attempted to become the authoritative source for sarcastic commentary about the Asian carp infestation of the upper Midwest. I do believe we were successful for a time before the fame and power sent us crashing back to earth.”

BWCA fire reaches historical proportions

from MinnesotaBrown

“The big story in northern Minnesota right now is the raging Pagami wildfire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the state’s arrowhead region. About 500 firefighters will be working by day’s end to battle the 100,000-acre blaze which now threatens the region’s tinderbox of timber blown down more than a decade ago. The Milwaukee Brewers had to close their retractable stadium roof because of the smoke from this fire and people as far away as Chicago can reportedly smell the fire.”

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3 reasons to be wary of GOP attacks on local school boards

The Five Biggest Problems Facing America

from Theoblogy

“Part of a series on the Five Biggest Problems Facing America:

5. Unnecessary wars

4. Inequalities in public education (Monday)

3. Corporate tax loopholes (Tuesday)

2. Medicare (Wednesday)

1. Money in politics (Thursday)

Conclusion (Friday)”

Budget Deficits – A Time for A Growth Strategy

from Governor Arne Carlson

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“The reason is simple and that is the reality that weak economic growth and declining income spell trouble for state budgets dependent on income and sales growth.”

Ernie Leidiger grovels to Bradlee Dean

from Brick City Blog

“Three key takeaways, if you don’t want to sit through the entire interview.

  1. Leidiger admits to attending a screening of Dean’s “My War” documentary.  Previously, Leidiger had said he was only familiar with Dean’s school presentations.
  2. Leidiger agrees with Dean on the need to protect children from the “homosexual agenda”
  3. Leidiger says there’s nothing “radical” about Dean or his ministry.”

Does what the Founding Fathers intended really matter?

from Wide White

“A lot of Americans spend a lot of time debating what our nation’s Founding Fathers “really intended.” We hold the Founding Fathers on such a high pedestal that we consider the term to be a proper noun, with the F’s capitalized in “Founding Fathers.” Considering the lasting impact the government they put together has had and the great success it’s met, they’re certainly worthy of this pedestal.”

A firefighter’s praise for “Ted from Owatonna”

from Minnesota Prairie Roots

“Ted Leon of Owatonna, the passerby who extinguished a deck fire at my neighbor’s house with water from a garden hose, I spoke to a Faribault firefighter who responded to the scene. As you recall, my initial post about Ted sparked a whirlwind of media coverage to find “Ted from Owatonna.”

The Next Economy

from Barataria – The work of Erik Hare

“The economy is in transition.  Many of you think we’re headed straight downward, but there’s always a chance that better times lie ahead.  But what will the next economy look like?  Barataria has always taken a punt on this, stating that no one can possibly know what the Free Market™ will do.  But over time a few trends have become clear and we can be sure that a few changes are coming.”