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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 9/30

Minnesota Blog Cabin Roundup is a collection of the best in pictures and writing from Minnesota’s blogging community. Please let MinnPost know if you have — or know of — a blog (or photoblog) that you think should be featured on the site. Email JHansen[at], or Twitter @MNBlogCabin.

Our photo set comes from Blog Cabin contributor Wayne Moran. His writing and photography can be viewed at his blog, Questions and Answers.


Caponi Art Park:

Shelter Report: Apples to Oranges from Across the Great Divide

“Today, we went on a field trip to an apple orchard north of St. Paul. We drove through some beautiful country, and I tried to turn off the part of my brain that calculates the disparity between million-dollar homes and a bus full of homeless kids in matching rugby shirts who will mill around in the wind for a couple hours and then head back to the shelter.”

“To call last night the greatest night in regular season baseball history is to simply tell it like it is. It doesn’t seem that anybody can remember a better all-around night of baseball.”

“The American Jobs Act proposed by President Obama could create or support more than 26,000 jobs and inject at least $1.5 billion into Minnesota, according to estimates by the Obama Administration. Those jobs include teachers, police, firefighters, engineers, construction workers and more. The Jobs Act is a package of tax cuts for employers to provide incentives for hiring, infrastructure investments, assistance to those looking for work, and tax cuts for individuals.”

“Doug Grow has a nice round-up at MinnPost of the opinions from people involved in previous stadium welfare negotiations regarding the current Vikings stadium Wilfare proposal on the table to build 21,000 parking places (and a stadium) in Arden Hills with $650,000,000 of the public’s money.”

Michele Bachmann owes her 6th District constituents a refund from Ripple In Stillwater

“Unfortunately, Congressional pay isn’t performance-based,and there are no penalties for not showing up. I don’t foresee Bachmann voluntarily forfeiting any of her ill-gained government salary either.”

Vikings to Arden Hills? XIII — Voice of the People? from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“The old adage is that the people who show up run the world. And a lot of people showed up at the New Brighton Family Service Center last night to talk about the planned Vikings stadium, especially the idea that the citizens of Ramsey County should vote on whether to impose a half-cent sales tax to pay for the county’s “share” of the stadium costs.”

Maybe a little martial law might prove useful, too from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess:

As a way to solve the national crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending congressional elections for the next couple of years.”

“I took Wyatt to the Lenscrafters in Rochester, Minnesota for an eye exam and a new pair of glasses, paying in full with my own funds. The Lenscrafters guy seemed surprised to come across a customer with no health insurance in the land of the Mayo Clinic.”

“On UN speeches, standing in support and against a homeland, and wishful thinking. Thoughts from a UMadison student in Jerusalem.

Fooling Evangelicals with Pseudoscience from Theoblogy

“One of the strategies employed most effectively by evangelicals in their crusade against evolution, which does pose real, although soluble, biblical and theological problems, has been to undermine the entire scientific enterprise. If science is a deeply flawed, ideologically driven, philosophically suspect enterprise, then why should anyone care if almost every scientist supports the theory of evolution? If the scientific community is just a bunch of self-serving ideologues with Ivy League appointments, then we can ignore anything it says that we don’t like.”
“A report by EPA Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins, Jr. that criticizes the agency’s greenhouse gases endangerment finding is instead raising questions about Elkins and the integrity of the Office of the Inspector General.”

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