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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: Best blogs of the week 9-3

Minnesota Blog Cabin Roundup is a collection of the best in pictures and writing from Minnesota’s blogging community.

The focus this week seemed to be on governmental “boondoggles” on all levels. Karl Bremer, from Ripple in Stillwater, has been all over this story out of Stillwater. Check out his blog here.

If you have ever wondered where the word “boondoggle” comes from, this site has your answer: “popularized during the New Deal as a contemptuous word for make-work projects for the unemployed.” So there you have it.

This week’s posts:

The lighter side:

Benster and D Pick Your Games — No, Really, We’re Actually Doing This Again from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

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“Last I heard, the only NCAA school not currently under investigation is Macalester, although it’s possible that some of their players have been getting illegal organic food benefits.”

To be fair, they had to work long hours sorting Chomsky books in the anarcho-socialist co-op to get the food anyways, so I call it a wash.

“You may not agree with liberal pundit Michael Kinsley about much, but he did provide a useful service in defining the oft-used word ‘gaffe.’ A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.”

So what do we call Veep swearing, alternative history lessons or general wheels-off-the-wagon screwups? 

Cook’n wit da fat man- Welcome Home edition from OLD AND IN THE WAY

“We’re all alone, or as I like to to say, Camp Clothing Optional.

Mrs S does not say that in case you were keeping score.”

I was keeping score, actually. I’m going to go ahead and declare the team of ‘scratch out the eyes/threw up a little’ the winner.

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The Confession of a Former Youth Pastor from Theoblogy

“But, as a youth pastor, I had to spend at least one day every summer at an amusement park.  So, I had a secret plan, that I will now confess to the world:

I would be sure to place myself in the group with the kid that I thought had the weakest stomach.  Then, as the morning progressed, I would heartily encourage both the eating of much gross food and the riding of the most hair-raising roller coasters.”

A fundamental tenet in the Emergent Church: Getting kids to ralph. I’m sure this will endear Tony even further with his more-traditional brethren.

Rick Perry, Honey Badger from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“Perry panic has spread from the conference rooms of Washington, D.C., to the coffee shops of Brooklyn, with the realization that the conservative Texan could conceivably become the 45th president of the United States…”

I think the panic is due to people waking up in 2003 and realizing that ’04-2011 was some sort of strange dream. That, or hipster-nation is threatened by Rick Perry’s amazing un-ironic hair. He is one killer mustache away from Smokey and the Bandit territory.

Report: Northlanders die faster, more spectacularly than most from MinnesotaBrown

“It comes down to the old question, how would you like to die? Would you like to die peacefully in your sleep at a high-end active senior energy center in the metro or eating bacon and cleaning your gun at a house that is almost paid for? For a couple hundred thousand people north of the pine line that decision has been made. We thank you all for your concern.

To recap, the cold grip of death will ensconce each of us in due time.”

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First: Are those my only two options? I have my obit outlined already, and it involves me being really old and dying whilst saving sick children carrying cats in front of a large audience of people and cameras. Where do I live if I want that to happen? Second: Happy Labor Day? That’s a heck of a sendoff. Ensconce.

Millennials Are Pro-Gay from Theoblogy

“A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute has some positive findings for those us who hope for marriage equality, gay ordination, and the like:

    • There is at least a 20-point generation gap between Millennials (age 18 to 29) and seniors (age 65 and older) on every public policy measure in the survey concerning rights for gay and lesbian people.

    • The generation gap in support for same-sex marriage is striking and persists even among conservative political and religious groups.

    • Public support for allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry has increased significantly over the last 5 years.

    • Despite the conventional wisdom that religious groups generally oppose rights for gay and lesbian Americans, there are major religious groups on both sides of the debate over same-sex marriage.”

“If you were to look at me, talk to me, you’d have no idea. I have none of the stereotypical characteristics which have been identified with my community, as a matter of fact there’s been a time or two in my life when I’ve been questioned by others, even ever so slightly, whether or not I’m actually a part of this group.”

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Ben Bernanke from Barataria – The work of Erik Hare

“The economy, as a great big thing, is mysterious.  The lives of millions of people connect into one big system that has its own ways apart from any one of them.  But there are people who have positions of power and influence, those whose job it is to keep it all keepin’ on.”

The $50K decision and what we can all learn from Minnesota Prairie Roots

“ODDS ON PROMOTIONS made the right call Wednesday when it failed to award $50,000 to an 11-year-old Owatonna boy who sunk a hockey puck into a 1.5 by 3.5-inch hole during an August 11 charity hockey event in Faribault.”

Vikings Stadium Funding Proposal: Collect Taxable Scalping Revenue from The Deets – Ed Kohler’s Blog

“I’m pro-Vikings stadium, but anti-corporate welfare, so I’m trying to figure out a creative way to help get a new stadium built for the Purple. Here’s one idea: tax the revenue generated fro scalped tickets.”

Caleb Laieski: Teen Fights Against LGBT Bullying from Good as Gay

“I am just reading The Advocate’s post on Caleb Laieski and his extraordinarily brave and fantastically inspiring story of how he quit school as a result of severe bullying and threats. Now he is pursuing a life as a full time activist advocating for the Youth in the LGBT community. (He asked the President for employment!)”

Unemployment rate is high, but still underestimates the challenges facing many Americans from Minnesota Budget Bites

“As we approach Labor Day, it is sobering to remember that the national unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent. For comparison, during the last two recessions, the rate never rose above 7.8 percent. Experts are predicting that unemployment will remain above eight percent for five years running.”

Labor Creates All Weath from Barataria – The work of Erik Hare

“The accelerated decline of manufacturing in the last decade shows how our current unemployment problem has a lot to do with the simple fact that we stopped making stuff.  It’s not a big leap to see that our power and prestige has gone away with those jobs.”

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