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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 10/15

This week’s featured pictures are from Ed Kohler at The Deets; Missy at Marketing Mama; Emily Brisse from Landing on Cloudy Water; and Audrey Kletscher Helbling from MN Prairie Roots. 

Brad and Moe Break It Down

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“Okay, using terms like “petulant children” and “low-rent mouth-breathers” may seem a bit harsh, but seriously, what else can you call it?”

I don’t think that is a very nice way of describing the Tea Partiers, but I can’t deny that the Boomers seem pretty selfish. I guess that quite a few people think they are pretty ignorant as well. Oh, we’re talking about the Occupy movement? Well then… Sounds pretty spot on to me.

Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Like Nicki Minaj

from The Miller Times

“Ah, but parents. Sweet, naive parents. Don’t let your five-year-old daughter sing a song by rapper Nicki Minaj in front of the world.”

But how are they going to get on “Toddlers in Tiaras” without a crunk demo reel? Seriously. Get your priorities straight.

Why Herman Cain thinks he’ll stay on top

from Wide White

“Still, the former pizza executive has risen to the front on a wave of support for his 9-9-9 plan. This plan would eliminate the current tax code and replace it with a 9% income tax, 9% sales tax, and 9% corporate tax. While the plan likely has too many holes to succeed, the fact that he’s put out a radical plan that includes components favorable to both FairTax and flat tax advocates has given him a boost.”

 In other news, crack pizza-ad man Pete Slazinger has taken a full-time job on Cain’s campaign. He was hired after devising the 9-9-9 plan, which originally had included one of those gross “dessert pizzas” and buy-one-get-one Fridays.

Zygi Wilf Cashes in By Spending Other People’s Money

from The Deets – Ed Kohler’s Blog

“Spending money is fun. Spending other people’s money is even more fun. That appears to be one of the things the NFL has learned over the past few decades when they figured out that cities and states were stupid enough to subsidize their businesses.”


from Barataria – The work of Erik Hare

“The Millenial Generation has a style based consensus that has been hardening into a dogma.  This works well for getting attention and for doing things that can be taken care of easily. Over the long haul it requires a tremendous amount of energy to sustain the movement…”

Reich: The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

from Brick City Blog

Evangelicals Being Robbed

from Theoblogy

“Some evangelicals are fighting back.  While some in that camp (e.g., Al Mohler and Robert Jeffress) think it’s super, super important that everyone know that Mormon are not Christians, other evangelicals are offering a more graceful, inclusive vision of Christianity.”

Minnesotans United for All Families Action Training

from Good as Gay

“I was informed there was a better approach. And that was to ask the question, what does marriage mean to you grandma? This makes marriage personal and less confrontational. It’s asking for an opinion. This directly dodges the debate and argument style I would be flirting with approaching the subject from the Biblical perspective. My grandmother would answer what marriage meant to her, and I would be allowed to say, marriage means the same thing for me as well. The only difference is that I am attracted to the same sex.”

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