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MN Blog Cabin Roundup: 10/7

Minnesota Blog Cabin Roundup is a collection of the best in pictures and writing from Minnesota’s blogging community. Please let MinnPost know if you have — or know of — a blog (or photoblog) that you think should be featured on the site. Email JHansen[at], or Twitter @MNBlogCabin.

Today’s photos come from Emily Brisse at Landing on Cloudy Water and Audrey Kletscher Helbling at MN Prairie Roots.

Harry in a Hurry

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“It is interesting that when Republicans assert the right to use majority power, it constitutes a crisis. This, apparently, isn’t a crisis.”

Have You Got Yourself an Occupation?

from Mr. Dilettante’s Neighborhood

“So, does anyone really understand what the hell the “Occupy Wall Street” people really want? You get conflicting reports, but the overall message is something like “Anarchists for Big Government Solutions” or somesuch. The ever-popular cocktail of patchouli and pique has been on offer in Madison for most of the year now and apparently now it’s time to take it national. Or something.”

Oh, Newt. Newt, Newt, Newt. Seriously?

from Shawn Otto Neorenaissance

“This seems a sad confirmation that Jon Huntsman was right when he said the republican party has become ‘antithetical to science,’ and we can expect candidates from Newt to Mitt to continue to scramble to carve out their own their unique slices of the crazy pie.  It’s a national embarrassment, and a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions – but worse that that, it’s dangerous.”

Rembering High School, where I learned to cope.


“Well apparently things have changed now, kids have medical staff on premises, clean well patrolled restrooms, healthy food, tobacco free, drug free. No wonder they can’t cope in the real world anymore.”

The media hype machine

from Wide White

“It’s easy to criticize the media for hyping stories that don’t warrant the attention they receive. We often hear people lament that the media spends weeks and years covering a courtroom drama that impacts one young, pretty white girl in Florida or Italy while all but ignoring mass genocides in Sudan, Rwanda, and elsewhere.”

Minnesota Democrats giving a helping hand to Klobuchar-Bachmann Boondoggle Bridge

from Ripple In Stillwater

“So what’s gotten into Klobuchar and Franken, and DFL Governor Mark Dayton? One source, a transportation consultant and former longtime congressional staffer, told me recently that the word in Washington is that Klobuchar introduced her bill to inoculate herself again a Bachmann claim to victory on the bridge should Bachmann challenge Klobuchar in 2012, which long has been rumored.”

Steve Jobs, Beauty, and the Church

from Theoblogy

“Earlier this week, before we learned of the death of Steve Jobs, someone I hadn’t seen for many years saw my laptop and said, “I remember when you used to brag about not using Apple products.”

Eleanor – a Pistol

from Governor Arne Carlson

“You are Minnesota’s First Family because you are the finest in public service and decency.”

Learning Socially

from Barataria – The work of Erik Hare

“Asking the right questions is far more productive than waiting for an answer that sounds good.”

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